“I hope she will be happy when she sees her pictures in 10yrs” – Reactions as Nigerian lady wears black wedding gown during her church marriage ceremony (PHOTOS)


A Twitter handle with the handle @AskMeWhatIWant has posted photos of a bride in a black wedding dress.

Sharing the snaps, the person captioned it with: “Someone finally did it, so beautiful.”

The post drew many reactions from social media users with people debating whether wearing black is the best choice of colour on one’s wedding day.

There were those who said it does not signify a bad omen like many believe, arguing that it is just a case of fashion.

Read the post below:

As at the time of writing this report, the post has over 14,000 likes with over 2,000 retweets. See some of the reactions below:

@Kaila_Walterr said: “Nah! She’s either pregnant or gave birth out of wedlock.”

@missybennyy said: “Hues have meanings and white is being worn at weddings because it represents purity, This isn’t cute for me, but whatever makes u happy on ur big day tho.”

@ChinazaObi7 said: “I really don’t find this cute. I hope she will be happy when she sees her pictures in 10yrs.”

@Pablod1st said: “Can’t imagine how much judgment is going on in that cathedral but you see the STUPID thing is… The white wedding culture is not even ours nor is it biblical, but someone decides to wear colors that they prefer and… I tire for Una sha.”

@Helenking4U said: “This is my coursemate in school. She is not pregnant, neither did she give birth out of wedlock. She chose black because she is outstanding and wants to be different.”