Sunday, January 23, 2022

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    “I Divorced My Wife And She Gave Me This Cake With All My Cheating Screenshots Texts” -Man Cries Out (PHOTOS)

    A 38 year old man from Stanger, KZN, posted a picture of a cake on Facebook and said that he got it from his wife for their divorce.

    Allegedly, he was married to his 26 year old wife for about 5 years after he had had enough and threw in the towel, and divorced her. She wasn’t really angry about the divorce because she was done too, he was cheating on her with multiple women. So, she thought that giving him a cake would be a great divorce gift.

    She bought him a cake and on the cake, it was written “BYE LIMP D**K.” On the cake was all the screenshots of him cheating on her, that she found on his phone.

    The picture trended immediately. The person that baked the cake also posted the picture. Kristen’s Bakery posted the picture of the cake on her Facebook page and she captioned it, “ A divorce cake with edible screenshots of his cheating texts.’

    The cake was seen and eaten by most of his family members, so they all saw his disgusting text messages.

    In another news, Luck has eluded this Nigerian lady whose relationship is about to end because of some she said.

    Sad woman crying

    According to the lady, she is dating this guy whom she described as the nicest guy in the world, however, the guy is now behaving strange and it is all her fault.

    Confiding in popular Nigerian relationship coach, Joro Olumofin, she stated that her fiancee really spoils her with money and some statement she made has made the guy advice himself.

    Read her letter to Joro below;

    Hi Joro How is your stay going

    Joro I found this perfect guy some years ago and we have been dating officially for 8 months. Like this guy is the nicest guy I ever met no jokes here. He is so nice, calm, neat and very humble.

    This someone that can give a beggar 500 out of his last 1k. Joro my boyfriend sometimes gives me 100k to buy goods worth 50k for hime even when he knows the price quite well and he won’t even collect his change even when he sees the receipt of what I bought

    Joro we earn almost the same salary and he still gives me money and good loving so much. He is my perfection. I can t imagine my life without him. Joro one day we were chilling and he was like Babe I don day spot you too much with money oh

    And jokingly I said oh ”Wetin you day spend on me, your mates dey buy Benz for their babe carry Dem go Dubai” Joro this guy is a decent earner and I know that if he has that money he is gonna over spoil me but I don’t know how that stupid word came out of my mouth

    I’am an Idiot. Joro he didn’t say anything oh but I looked into his eyes and I swear I saw tears welling up. He didn’t want me to notice but I didi don’t know that little words generated deep into him

    Joro my love is hardly picking my calls now and he waits for hours before even texting back or calling Joro this is someone that hardly gets angry oh Aye mi

    Now I don’t know what to do. I cried myself to sleep yesterday. I’m thinking of going to his house today with his favorite food (Bread and Pepper beans) and kneeling down to beg him.

    Joro I have dated toxic guys and I know what I feels like to be unloved but Boluwatife is an answered prayer for me

    Joro my mouth has almost destroyed my relationship. I don’t know what my life will be like if I lose this boy

    Please I need your followers advice. I will be in the comment. Please y’all don’t be too harsh on me

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