Meet Obama DMW’s only child, Abdulmaleek Ayo Uthman, who Tiwa Savage promised never to abandon


Davido’s associate, Obama DMW’s son, Prince Malik Uthman has taken to social media to mourn his late father.

Obama who died of suspected heart failure yesterday, June 29th was laid to rest moments ago according to Islamic rites.

Taking to Instagram the bereaved son stated that he can never be strong enough to accept that his father is no more.

According to him, he shared a close bond with his father as they always behaved like they were brothers.

In an emotional note shared on Insta-stories, he wrote,

“Dad wait why an I even saying dad you were my brother, you were my twinnie we so much looked alike. you made me understand that I am a strong man. you taught me to be string but sorry I’m letting you down. I can never be strong enough to accepts that you are no longer here. I miss you. AbdulMaleek loves you so so so much. I have never been in a pain like this before”.

In another post he wrote,

“Dad, I won’t immortalize you in the stars, because they fade away. I won’t remember you with a poem, for it will be forgotten one day. I will just keep you safe in my heart, so that you are with me in every way. I miss you”.

See his posts below,

Abdulmaleek Ayo Uthman became known after sensational Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage tagged him to a tribute penned down in honour of his alleged ex-lover Obama DMW.

She promised to ensure that Abdulmaleek Ayo Uthman graduates from the university and makes his father proud.

Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage

She wrote:

Brave heart, strong heart, soft heart, kind heart, pure heart, peace maker, hot stepper, incoming politician, I know you’d want me to add “stylish” to this list but ummmm yeah lol (abi @mekkamillions @therealjaybreeze @traficbabz @elizabeth_elohor @tiwaayankoya make I add am?)


I’ve never met anyone as brave/strong as you who was also as soft and kind as you. I don’t know why my cheesy jokes always made you laugh, you were ready to take a bullet for your loved ones

44 my black president, you chilling now, resting well, away from this cruel world

All your boys are a wreck, I’m sure you see them all crying like babies. You better tell them to be strong men

I’m allowed to cry, I’m a girl so don’t try to console me, I won’t listen to you anyway

I really don’t know what you were trying to prove sha, by leaving like this. It is so unlike you. This isn’t the end, that thing you and I always talked about. I PROMISE I WILL DO IT and you will be proud. We are only burying your body today cause your beautiful spirit can never be contained in that sand and don’t worry we got @manlikeabdul_omw He must finish university or imma whoop his behind. I LOVE YOU, WE LOVE YOU HABEEB. Till we meet again KING 🕊🕊🕊”

Abdulmaleek Ayo Uthman is a lookalike of his father, Obama, and with the relationship of his father with Davido, he has automatically turned his godson.

Abdulmaleek Ayo Uthman said to be a 300-level student of Adeleke University, studying engineering.