I am not getting married to Lateef Adedimeji because of pregnancy – Mo-Bimpe speaks on her Love for Lateef


Yoruba Nollywood stars, Lateef Adedimeji and Oyebade Adebimpe better known as Mo-Bimpe are about to tie the knot.

Adebimpe Oyebade
Adebimpe Oyebade

The actress in a chat with Naija Society News spoke about their love and why she agreed to marry the superstar actor, who she said is her friend, family, and colleague.


She also said their wedding will happen before the end of the year and responded to questions about her pregnancy status.

“Well, Mo-bimpe can be pregnant tomorrow but as we speak right now, I am not pregnant.

“I don’t know, you know a lot of people just feel that when you are preparing for a wedding, they believe that you are doing that simply because you are pregnant. That’s the kind of society we are.

“They may think that why did he want to marry her if not pregnancy? You know how rumour mongers reason. In fact, that’s the comment I have been getting on my page. It is because she is pregnant that is why they came up with the wedding plans. For now, I am not pregnant.”

Adedimeji Lateef and Oyebade Adebimpe
Adedimeji Lateef and Oyebade Adebimpe

Mo-Bimpe also said she never thought she would marry a fellow entertainer but no one can predict what can happen next as she disclosed that she doesn’t know the genesis of their love story.

Meanwhile, Nollywood actress Bimpe Oyebade has finally let the cat out of the bag as a video where she is flaunting her engagement ring has surfaced online.

Lateef adedimeji and Bimpe Oyebade
Lateef adedimeji and Bimpe Oyebade

It comes after many years of constantly debunking her relationship with her colleague Lateef Adedimeji and leaving fans and followers in suspense.

Recall Instagram blogger, Gistlovers who shared the details of the wedding that would be taking place in Lagos on 22nd December, alleged that Bimpe Oyebade is pregnant.

The source also revealed that marriage introduction was done a few months ago, and attached to the post is details of the wedding.

The post reads: Hello tueh tueh, after plenty debunking up and down up una remember that time I posted them say them Dey nack and lateef was knacking about three ladies in the industry then too, wey lateef deny then say this geh her boyfriend and himself get Fiancée and they are getting married soon.

Adedimeji Lateef and Oyebade Adebimpe
Adedimeji Lateef and Oyebade Adebimpe

Well gistlover no lie o, i posted it recently say them go do introduction for Ekiti too, their PR team say Na lie say Na movie set, as them don knack Bimpe Belle now, Na to do proper wedding ooo

Congratulations are in order as we prepare for #AA2021 we are selling Aso ebi for Vawulence Headquarters, Pepper them Red and you can jump in the lagoon green is the dress code from Vawulence headquarters, GLB Nation una no Dey play o.

CONGRATULATIONS BIMPE AND LATEEF, all the crushers ,Lateef is off market. He is Baba Atinuke now, igi pawpaw oni wo luwa o. I come in peace

A video shared by Nollywood makeup artist Adewunmi Fatia captures Bimpe Oyebade flaunting her engagement ring and her colleague jubilating with her.

Watch Video below:

Recall Bimpe Oyebade in an interview with BroadwayTV, saying she can not date her colleague Lateef Adedimeji because he is not her type of man.

Bimpe denied having a relationship with the popular actor. According to her, the fact that they have acted a lot of romantic scenes together is what is making fans believe they are in a relationship.

Debunking the rumours, the AMVCA Nominee said ”I am not in a relationship with Lateef Adedimeji but we are friends. I won’t deny the fact that we are friends, we are close friends. We are not in a relationship; we are both in different relationships.

“When you are too close to the opposite sex, it’s a problem. People think you are dating. Lateef is only the one that is close to me, I am not the kind that makes a lot of friends when it comes to the industry”.

When asked why she can not date Lateef, she said “The problem started with the fans, they call us ‘Momma and Zaddy’. A lot of fans like us together; they want us to be together. He is a good man, I already see him as a family. I won’t want to be with someone I see as a family. Nothing can ever happen between us because I cannot marry someone in the spotlight”.

“I would say no to Lateef if he asks me out because he is my friend and I already see him as a brother. He is not my type”.

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