A husband has received the shock of his life after he read the Whatsapp chat of his pregnant wife with another man and saw her naked photos.

According to the story, the man waited for the wife to sleep to read her chats because of his suspicions. He said that his wife entered the bathroom for long hours and only came out blushing and smiling to herself.

While going through his wife’s chat, he realized that his wife sent her naked photos to another man on WhatsApp and both were being cozy during the chat.

Pregnant woman

Below is the man’s story.


Am in a worst place right now. God knows am in a worst place. I fought hard not to lay my hand on her. I woke up to pray and next thing my wife is not by my side. I waited for 20 mins and did not come in. I went to the toilet and she was coming out smiling. A happy smile. Now I was suspecting here she kiss me and say goodnight,. Not to long she began to snore. I try her password with the name of our unborn child.

Am lucky, the phone open. Saw pix of her nude and the chat. Took a pix of it with my phone. I don’t want sympathy. I woke her up and show her. She began to beg and cry that it’s not her fault. Am sad My hand is shaking. Am hungry. I have headache. I threw her out. She went to the neighbors house. They have been calling me. Here is the chat. I am not so surprised but am in pain. My God. My God

Below is the chat