How Davido’s logistics manager Isreal DMW allegedly abused his fiancee, calls off wedding


Isreal DMW, the logistic manager to Nigerian singer, Davido has allegedly called off his wedding scheduled to hold on 3rd October 2021.

This was made known by Instagram blogger Cutie_Julls stating that Isreal DMW and his fiancée held that marriage introduction on 11th July 2021.

Davido and DMW Isreal
Davido and DMW Isreal

The social media post disclosed that Isreal DMW and his fiancee have been staying together following the approval of the lady’s parent since the introduction has been completed.

However, Isreal DMW has constantly subjected his fiancee to several cases of abuse which led to the crash of the relationship.

The blogger added that since the breakup of the relationship Isreal DMW has not stopped speaking ills about the lady and subjecting her to emotional blackmail.

The blogger wrote: So Isreal did an introduction with a beautiful girl called Benita on July 11th this year. Their wedding was supposed to be on 3rd October which is just next month.

Davido and Isreal DMW
Davido and Isreal DMW

Pending the wedding, the lady has been spending most weekends in Israel’s house with the approval of her parents since the introduction has been completed

Sometime this month, Isreal came back home from God knows where which he calls work and asked his fiancée, Benita to give him water to drink [as Oga] lol.

After serving him, Isreal poured the whole glass of water on the girl with his reason been that the drinking glass that his fiancée [Benita] used in serving him the water was dirty.

He then proceeded to verbal abuse and then an attempt to hit the girl.

So the girl ran back to her parents and said she is no longer interested. As anytime Isreal gets drank, he becomes very violent. He has poured food, water, insults etc on the girl on several occasions so the girl said enough is enough.

Isreal after realising now the girl isn’t coming back has been bad mouthing this girl to anyone who cares to listed that one babalawo revealed to him that the girl is married to spirit hence their breakup.

Now this is a young girl who has her whole life ahead of her. People is Isreal being fair to this girl?

Our investigations have proved that Isreal did all this to someone’s daughter and more. You abuse a lady that you’ve performed introduction rites to be soon married.

She says she won’t marry again as she doesn’t like your abusive character. Now you’ve resulted to image tarnishing and emotional blackmail. Online in-laws, is our son Isreal being fair?