“He has made us live with half of his salary all this while” – Lady Cries Out After Discovering That Her Husband Earns Twice The Salary He Claims To Earn


A young woman who feels shocked about something she learned about her husband has taken to social media to cry out.

This lady learnt that her husband makes twice as much as he told her. According to her, her husband lied about her monthly earnings and has put the family to survive on half of what he alleged he earns.



“I just found out my hubby has been lying about his finances and also he receives double the amount he told me he earns. Honestly I’m not a wasteful person and I manage resources quite well but I don’t just understand why he will tell me such lies. I have denied myself things I need lot of times just because of his constant complaints about money.

He has made us live with half of his salary all this while, I honestly don’t know where the other half of his salary goes to because I already asked him if he is working on anything project and he said no, I don’t know whether to confront him about it or not. I just feel betrayed and I think he is hiding other things from me too I need advice, I’m I overreacting or is this normal?”

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