Harrison Gwamnishu who was with Ada Jesus at the hospital Reveals Ada Jesus’ Last Wish Before She Died


Harrison Gwamnishu was the leader of the team who were taking care of Ada Jesus in the hospital after she was admitted. The comedian was diagnosed with kidney failure and has been receiving treatment from the hospital with the help of a good Samaritan who footed all the bills.

It would be recalled that the health condition of Ada Jesus was made public a few weeks ago. Photos of her current state went viral which caught many people’s attention. It was reported that she was in that condition because of her issues with prophet Odumeje and veteran actress Rita Edochie. However the two bowed to public pressure after Ada Jesus went to sought forgiveness from them for her wild allegations levelled against them some months ago.

Before the death of Ada Jesus, many people shared her photos and also wished and prayed for her recovery. According to Harrison Gwamnishu, Ada Jesus was improving before her death.

He disclosed that before her death, she started talking which initially she couldn’t, and also started making movements. However, her breath ceased a few hours after they left the hospital in the evening.

In an interview with BBC Pidgin, Harrison Gwamnishu disclosed that Ada Jesus told him she will like to go live on social media and thank all her loved ones and the public who have been praying for her recovery and also those who supported her financially.

Meanwhile, Human rights activist, Harrison Gwamnishu also took to social media to talk about the exact cause of her death.

In a video he shared via his Facebook page, Gwamnishu who could not hold back his tears first expressed appreciation to everyone and the hospital who stood by Ada Jesus to the end as well as the philanthropist who dropped money for her treatment.

He continued by saying that everyone has flaws and people should not use mistakes to judge others like they did to Ada Jesus even after she pleaded on social media.

Harrison confirmed that the comedienne did not die of a spiritual attack despite the curses that were rained on her, but rather from her medical condition.

He revealed that she had been battling her kidney disease for a long time before he and his team intervened and took her for proper care.

Gwamnishu lastly said that Ada died knowing that she was surrounded by love, something she did not get in the church.

Watch the video below: