Fire On The Mountain As Ned Nwoko’s Moroccan Wife, Laila Charani Announces Divorce


One of the wives of a popular Nigerian businessman and politician Ned Nwoko, Laila Charani has shocked social media users with the current piece of news about her marriage.

Ned Nwoko’s Moroccan Wife, Laila
Ned Nwoko’s Moroccan Wife, Laila

Ned Nwoko is known popularly for his polygamous lifestyle. The businessman and lawyer are married to seven wives but apparently, three of his wives are known. However, it appears one of the wives of the millionaire has taken a bow.

The fifth wife of Ned Nwoko, Laila Charani has taken to her Instagram story to disclose the current status of her marriage with businessman Ned Nwoko. According to Laila Charani, she has already divorced Ned Nwoko and has warned those questioning her about her marriage with Ned Nwoko.

She took to her Instagram story and wrote, “Hello guys 😊. I just want to say that no one has the right to talk about my marriage. Please stop talking about people’s lives and I have divorced already and nothing between me and him and anybody who followed me because of him can unfollow me, please. Thanks”.

It would be recalled that Laila Charani unfollowed Ned Nwoko, who’s now her ex-husband, and also unfollowed her co-wife, Regina Daniels. Many did not know the reason behind her action but it appears the latest revelation has given netizens a tip of what is happening in the mansion of the politician.