Doyin Okupe’s son, Bolu, shares loved-up video with his Gay lover, Mfaomé; he reacts after Being Criticized For Posting the Video – Watch Video


Bolu Okupe, son of former presidential aide, Doyin Okupe, has shared new loved-up video of himself and his lover, Mfaomé.

In the video shared on social media via Bolu’s Instagram page, the duo were seen shirtless and were about to share a kiss.

“#reel #reels #explore #explorepage #gaycouple #instacouple #blackgaycouples,” he captioned the video.

Bolu Okupe who is based in France, came out as a gay man in January 2021.

Watch video below,

Bolu reacted after being chastised and criticized for sharing a video with his partner.

Bolu Okupe reacting to a DM he got after sharing the video where he was chastised with the person saying they could be the husbands of some ladies said he wonders why people still follow him if they don’t like him.

According to him, he’s wondering why the homophobes are still following him or even watching his page if they know they don’t like him being gay and now are crying and being bitter in his DM over a video he shared with his partner.

Bolu Okupe classified those who don’t like him as gay but are still following him and watching his page confused people as they can’t make a decision to unfollow him since they don’t like him to be gay or share anything of that sorts.

Some people loved the video and some ladies were drooling over how handsome and good-looking they both are looking at their muscles being build well something most ladies die for but they choose to be gays and not into women.

screenshot below;

Meanwhile, the former Presidential aide, Doyin Okupe has stated that his son, Bolu, who recently came out as gay, is on a sojourn to the LGBT community to be an instrument of God.

Okupe in an interview with VanguardLiveTV revealed he wept the day he got to know about his son’s sexuality.
According to him, his greatest regrets was allowing Bolu to live in France, which he described as a liberal society. However, he’s revealed to know his son would eventually be an instrument of God to save the community.