Days after married Tega was dragged for allowing Saga s*ck her n!*ple, Tega reveals to Whitemoney the understanding she had with her husband before coming to #BBNaija House – Watch Video


Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemate, Tega has cleared the air on the nipple-sucking episode she shared with co-housemate Saga during their first truth or dare game.


According to Tega, she’s already had an ‘understanding’ with her Husband over the activities housemates partake in, while in the house.

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Tega averred that her husband is okay with her doing anything but sex.

Whitemoney: for example two days ago ,during the truth and date game, that Saga stuff, how do you think your husband will feel seeing that scene?

Tega: It’s something we talked about

Whitemoney: So he is aware anything can happen?

Tega: Yeah, but I’m definitely not going to knack anybody here. We have an understanding concerning that

Whitemoney: I have been curious since the confidence you had, like what was the agreement with your husband before you came?

Tega: Yeah, we have an understanding, just like when I was talking about the shower time, it is usually a “wozsky” moment”

Watch her speak below ;

Meanwhile, The husband of BBNaija’s Tega has come to her defense after Nigerians dragged her for allowing Saga $uck her n!pples during their truth and dare game.

Media users have reacted to Tega’s display of her nipple to her fellow housemate, Saga.

29-year-old Tega had revealed that she is a married woman with a son.

However, during Truth or Dare game, Tega was asked to pick a male housemate to suck her nipple.

She chose Saga after touching lips of other male housemates.

Tega took Saga to a corner as she exposed her nipple and allowed him suck it.

This was criticized by viewers who condemned Tega’s behavior at the show despite being married.

They wondered how this act will affect her husband and marriage after the show.

Video below:

Here are some reactions gathered:

@Okiki_hurla “Did Tega just allow Saga suck her nipple isn’t she a married woman?

@Dhinaro “I don’t think Tega is actually married How can you choose dare? Naso Saga suck her nipple for 5 secs.”

@Sureboy “Tega’s husband must be punching the wall. His wife Tega just gave Saga nipple to suck. Na wa oh.”

@Otunba “Saga just sucked Tega’s nipple she’s married, how will her husband feel.”

@Tosteedaniels “Is Tega really a Married woman ?Does Saga resemble her son that she is giving him breast to suck?

@Onimicee_ “Saga didn’t just do what I saw to a married lady. In fact is Tega really married?

@AssistantEbuka “Tega is letting Saga suck her nipples, she’s every mother-in-law’s nightmare.”

@Beverly_afaglo “Did Tega give her nipples to Saga to suck for Truth or Dare? Husbands don’t understand game oh. Let’s start praying for Tega.”

@Oyincomms “Tega actually allowed saga suck her nipple! WT*.”

A post from Tega’s husband indicates that he isn’t worried or bothered about what his wife did by allowing another man $uck her n!pple on a national TV as he defends her saying it’s what he signed up for.

According to him, his wife Tega is an actress and if what she did was a movie scene, she would have done more than what we saw hence encouraging individuals to subscribe to Show Max and get more than what we see.

Tega’s husband added that what his wife did with Saga is what he signed up for hence we should expect more because that is what he signed up for and his wife is delivering it exactly as he wanted therefore there’s nothing wrong with what she did.

screenshot below;