Davido’s Children and 3 other Nigerian Celebrity Children Who Are Also Brand Ambassadors (PHOTOS)


A brand ambassador deal – it is the thing that many musicians, actors, reality show stars, influencers and Youtubers wish to become. A brand ambassador deal is a contract that a person of influence signs with a commercial brand. These deals are usually expensive giving the person signing the contract a good chunk of change to go home with. In return, the person must post about and advertise the brand in order to promote the brand’s exposure and generate sales. It is what A LOT of people on Instagram, Youtube, TV, etc hope for.

But, for these 5 people on today’s list, they didn’t need to do a lot of hoping. Their parents had already laid a solid foundation for them and so when they were of good age, brands came to them to sign brand ambassadorship deals with them.

Here are 5 such celebrity children who are also brand ambassadors.

1. Imade Adeleke

Nigerian singer Davido’s daughter, Imade Adeleke this week announced that she had signed a deal with luxury soap brand EVA in promotion of their Eva baby soap line. Taking to his Instagram, proud father Davido wrote:

IMASCO!!!!!! My baby!!!! So proud of you!!! My daughter just became the new brand ambassador for Eva Baby Soap!!!

Guys, make sure you go and support @realimadeadeleke Daddy is so proud of you.

ALL CORNERS CHOKE! … I no go hear word again for road nah ‘Daddy see my billboard’ I go dey now 😂😂

2. David Adeleke

If you thought Imade was the first Adeleke child to get a brand ambassadorship deal, think again. In 2019, before the baby even arrived, a deal had already been struck with Mario & Juliet Baby Diapers which listed the baby David Adedeji Adeleke as a brand ambassador for the brand.

When the baby arrived, Mario & Juliet also used the opportunity to announce his status as brand ambassador for the company.

3. Lord Maine

Toyin Lawani's son Tenor
Toyin Lawani’s son Tenor

Toyin Lawani’s son Lord Maine in 2017 became the youngest brand ambassador for online retail store, Payporte at just the young age of 3. Taking to her Instagram, the proud mother wrote:

“Lord Maine @lordmaine2 signed and sealed, youngest star child signed [email protected], Can’t wait to share his very own collection from payporte, oya lets go!”

4. Priscilla

Iyabo Ojo and Daughter Priscilla
Iyabo Ojo and Daughter Priscilla

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo’s daughter Priscilla at the age of 18 signed a deal with VSKIT to serve as one of their brand ambassadors. Taking to Instagram to celebrate the news, Iyabo the proud mother wrote:

Congratulations darling on your new endorsement deal…… has a brand influencer for VISKIT

@vskitofficial I’m so proud of you baby @its.priscy……. keep soaring…….. more to come in jesus name!! Amen!!!

5. Jamil Balogun

Tiwa Savage's son Jamil
Tiwa Savage’s son Jamil

Finally, Tiwa Savage and her son Jamil Balogun both signed brand ambassadorship deals with leading beverage brand Twisco. The deal is a very lucrative one and we know this because at one point last year when Tiwa was responding to a journalist who said she had a struggling brand, Tiwa said:

You know how to diss out but you no fit take am when someone speaks up. Struggling brand ke. Even my son bagged more money than your whole company.

Looks like those Twisco cheques are looking really good!