Davido Allegedly Gifts Popular Crossdresser A Brand New Car – Watch Video


According to the popular crossdresser, Davido bought him a car after he asked him for one a few days ago. In a video shared on the page of the crossdresser, Prince Victor also known as Sassy Vtwins was seen seated in his car allegedly bought by Davido screaming for joy.

Crossdresser Prince disclosed how he asked Davido for a car a few days ago and he got him the brand new car. He also went further to explain that he was not really serious about his request for a car to Davido but he surprised him by granting his request.


The crossdresser Prince was seen in the video thanking Davido for granting his request and for gifting him a brand new car a few days after he requested it.

“I am speechless!!! Like I don’t even know what to write. My hands are shaking. Today is one of the best days of my life! I’m now a proud car owner! omggggggggg I’m dreaming! Someone plz wake me up!

Please you all should help me thank my one and only OBO @davido. My personal person! My day one. I was only joking oooo! And now you have bought me the car. OMG. God bless you.

Watch Video below: