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    “Dangote Drove Me Home From The Hospital When I Was Born” – Davido Reveals Relationship With Billionaire and why his father sent police after him when he left school

    Popular Nigerian artist Davido has disclosed the type of relationship and connection he has with the richest man in Africa Dangote in an interview.


    Speaking in a chat with Earn Your Leisure podcast, the FEM hitmaker whose father is the friend of billionaire Alinko Dangote says that the businessman has always been a family. He disclosed what Dangote always tells him whenever they get the opportunity to talk.

    “Dangote drove me home from the hospital when I was born. Anytime I see Uncle Aliko, he tells me, David save your money”, he said.

    Davido, also revealed he had a serious clash with his father, Adedeji Adeleke, when he left school for music.

    OBO made this disclosure in his interview with American-based podcast, Earn Your Leisure.

    Davido and father
    Davido and father

    According to him, his father went to the extent of shutting down his shows, and even sent the police after him when he discovered he had left school for music.

    “I wasn’t in school. I was facing music full time and over the years, he found out that I wasn’t in school and there was a whole lot of drama. I left school. I went back to the city and then my dad was chasing me with the police. Yes, they (the police) were coming after me to go back to school. Any show he (my dad) saw me on, on a flier or whatever, he was shutting the show down”, he said.

    Davido further revealed that his hit song, Dami Duro, was the turning point in his relationship with his dad. He noted that when his dad realized how big his brand had become, they made a deal that allowed him to attend shows when he wasn’t in classes.

    “Then I dropped this song, Dami Duro and the song became so big that even the president was singing it. Even people my dad could not get to, was singing it. After two-three years, I got a degree in business management and music,” he added.

    When asked how he is empowering younger artists, the DMW boss said: “It’s all love, shout out to this new generation, I hope they don’t make the mistakes that we made. I wasn’t welcomed when I came into the industry based on my background. I really had to show them that I am good at this. I have a lot of friends in the industry and I feel like, unity will make us become stronger.

    Shout out to these new artists, they are going crazy. They are innovative. They are very smart young bright artists coming out of this country. All of them come here, we hang out. I tell them my two cents”.

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