Cubana Chiefpriest blasts paul Okoye, after releasing his phone numbers online, reveals why he is supporting Maria


It seemed the social media fight is no longer between former Big Brother Naija housemate Maria and Cubana Chiefpriest as Entertainment executive, Paul Okoye has been involved.

Cubana Chief priest
Cubana Chief priest

Earlier, Paul Okoye has warned people against taking sides on Maria and Kelvin’s issue, stating that he has spoken to both parties.

A few hours later, Cubana Chiefpriest released screenshots of chats between Maria and Kelvin’s wife alongside Paul Okoye and Maria’s number.


As a payback, Paul Okoye took to his Instagram page to share Cubana Chiefpriest phone numbers urging his fans and followers to call him for a giveaway.

Reacting Cubana Chiefpriest said Paul Okoye is supporting Maria because of management money, adding that he has girls and karma will still get to him.

However, Paul Okoye stated that he cannot be bullied, revealing that for over seven hours, he had pleaded with Cubana Chiefpriest to delete his numbers on social media, but he paid deaf ears.

Recall Cubana Chiefpriest, in a post shared on Instagram, opined that there is nothing sweeter than family and called on wives to stay woke as Maria is coming for their husband.

According to Cubana Chiefpriest, Maria stole his sister’s husband and constantly sent her threat. Hence, he vowed never to allow such an act to slide as he promised to go after Maria in Dubai.

However, in a new post, Cubana Chiefpriest questioned the audacity of Maria in threatening a married woman who has male and female children for her husband.

Cubana Chiefpriest said Maria’s recent flaunting of dollars, Range Rover and wristwatch a few days ago was done to spite her sister.

The celebrity Barman expressed disappointment in her sister’s husband, stating nobody has side chicks more than another. Still, they will make their home miserable for their wives to the point of calling and threatening them.