Sunday, January 23, 2022

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    Beautiful Military girl Shares how she Looks at work & home (PHOTOS)

    S A F A R A, a beautiful military woman known by the Twitter handle, @Safara___, is making waves on social media after sharing some show-stopping photos of herself.

    In one of the pictures, the lady was seen fully adorned in her military attire looking professional but stunning.

    However, in the second picture that showed how she looked in her casual wear, the military lady appeared as though she was a top-class model fit for the cover page of a beauty magazine.

    How social media users are commenting

    The post gathered massive reactions out of which we gathered some of the most captivating ones.

    @AnitaPiusWrites mentioned: I feel alone, like I’m not important, like I’m going crazy because there’s no remission for me. Watch to see how much pain I’m in.

    @edwardlthomas6 indicated: Is edwardlthomas I want to meet you face to face in person and in public and in private as well i welcome yourself behind closed doors as well i want you buy my side for 24/7 days and nights and weekends relationship between us being together i want a commented relationship between.

    @Je_Suis_Kevyn stated: On duty she’ll be fit for the purpose I guess but if she goes to war in her home attire haaa ma1, hondo yacho hairwiwe

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