#BBNaija: Watch the Moment Pere ‘adjusted his belt’ like he wanted to beat up WhiteMoney, then it turned to a ‘fight scene’ (VIDEO)


WhiteMoney and Pere finally had a faceoff in the middle of the night.

Cross introduced a game called “Whisper” to the house. It involved a housemate whispering something about another housemate to someone and you can’t tell the person involved about the question.

Angel was selected and she whispered something about Pere to Emmanuel. Pere thought it was Whitemoney and he walked back after the game and asked what was said. He bent down to Whitemoney who was lying down and removed his belt/mic while he was talking.

And then Pere who wanted to know WhiteMoney’s answer charged towards WhiteMoney calmly while adjusting his belt.

..And then the housemates were convinced Pere’s countenance was to beat up White Money! They accused Pere of trying to bully WM and as well provocate him.

Whitemoney felt threatened and intimidated and he addressed Pere saying “I be street boy, I know say you no like me. If you want to come at me, come at me as a man… I love you so much but you hate me. You don’t like me, but, I still kill you with kindness”.

Whitemoney continued, pointing at his leg saying “I chop bullet for here”.

Maria, the head of house then challenged Pere for trying to bully WM, and asked him to apologize to White, but refused.

Pere in reaction to WhiteMoney’s outburst then said: “He is probably mad that I removed him from the kitchen and that’s his business”

Watch the video below: