BBNaija Angel Dares A Follower Who Insisted She Didn’t Buy The Range Rover Herself


BBNaija reality show star Angel has dared a follower who insisted that her new Range Rover was sponsored by a man to show receipts that she never bought it herself.

Angel yesterday shared a photo of her new achievement telling how she cried before getting it but some netizens think the person who bought the range rover is behind the scene crediting a sugar daddy for getting her a new Range Rover.

A follower who seems to have evidence that Angel didn’t buy the range rover herself said to her face that he/she knows the person who bought the Range Rover for Angel and even has receipts to prove that indeed someone bought the Range Rover for her.

Angel replying to that gave the follower the chance to post the receipts and not be shy about it but went ahead to rain insult on him/her to show her displeasure of being bullied over buying a new Range Rover.

Another follower was trying to advise Angel to take things slow and not push herself to be accepted by folks on social media but guess she wasn’t ready for any kind of advice hence slammed the follower as well.

Fans and all those who love angel were supposed to be happy for her and jumping with joy but then it appears they aren’t pleased with her new achievements since they think it’s bankrolled by a man out there and not her hard work.

screenshots below;