Angel’s father reacts after #BBNaija Housemates Maria, Nini and Peace said her Daughter has the worst, dirtiest, nastiest v*gina – Watch Video


BBNaija: Shine Ya Eye housemates, Maria, Nini and Peace, made some unflattering remarks about their co-housemate, Angel, during their time in the executive lounge.

The girls had access to the lounge on Friday, August 27, and spent most of their time gossiping about other housemates, however, their main focus was Angel.

During the conversation, Peace complained about the way Angel treats her former love interest, Sammie. According to her, Angel makes Sammie spend all his “Abeg Naira” on her.

PS: Abeg Naira is the currency the housemates spend in the house. It doesn’t have any value outside the house.

Peace said, “What she’s doing to Sammie is really f***ed. I swear to God, it’s really f***ed.”

Maria also spoke about the way Angel flirts with the male housemates including her former bestie, Jackie’s “man”, Michael. She also alleged that Michael doesn’t like Angel at all because he sees her as a prostitute.

Her words,

“Jackie told me how she felt about Angel being close to Michael. It’s so weird that you will get close to your friend’s man even if when she told you she like him.

“She is creating enemies for herself in the house and Michael doesn’t even like her like that. He sees her like a prostitute.

“Any guy that have sense in the house would run away from Angel because of her game. During one of my diary session I told Biggie about Angels attitude and he shot me up.”

They went on to talk about Angel’s private part and alleged that she has a nasty vagina but she doesn’t seem to know about it.
One of the ladies, presumed to be Nini could be heard saying, “She has the worst, dirtiest, nastiest vagina.”

Watch the video below,

The father of BBNaija Season 6 housemate Angel, has expressed his disgust with Maria’s characterization of his daughter as a prostitute.

Angel flirts with every male housemate, Maria said in a talk with several housemates, adding that Michael thinks she is a prostitute.

Angel’s father who doubles as the manager of her Instagram page shared a video of her daughter while unleashing his displeasure with the slut-shaming remarks directed at his baby girl.

He wrote:

“Slut-shaming Again ??

For how long are we going to keep addressing, educating and sensitizing on this same issue?

There is nothing new under the sun and this is all we anticipated already but is this really how we want to normalize profiling ? We have been called a slut, ashawo, loose, dirty and all sorts because of how we choose to portray ourselves physically. Judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are.

Take off your blindfolds and see beyond the appearances. Train yourself to do better as an individual so others around you can tap into that energy. Keep your respectability politics to yourself. At the end of the day, Nothing can break our girl, ko por ke, we moveeee!”

Watch video below;

See some reactions from her fans:

clara04coclara04co wrote; Angelo is my best gal in the house 😍😍😍let them say shit abt you my darln💪💪.. We move Babyboo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

stellauzy wrote; ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Angel baby, don’t mind them. Please handler, keep all the videos for her to watch after the show ends, cause I’m sure baby girl will be among the Last 5

mrsnkay73 wrote; At this rate nah over maturity dey worry Maria 34yrs old woman won die on top 21yrs old girl