Ada Jesus’s death wasn’t spiritual – Harrison Gwamnishu says, reveals the real cause of her death – Watch Video


Late comedienne, Ada Jesus, was cursed by prophet Odumeje because she accused him of performing fake miracles, actress, Rita Edochie also rained curses on the young lady for insulting her.


The pair also vowed not to forgive the young lady, but after so much pressure, Edochie dropped a video saying that she had forgiven the comedienne.

Ada Jesus passed away on Wednesday, April 21 after a battle with kidney disease and quite a number of people believe that it was the handwork of Odumeje and Rita Edochie.

Human rights activist, Harrison Gwamnishu who took up Ada’s case after she cried out to the world has taken to social media to talk about the exact cause of her death.

In a video he shared via his Facebook page, Gwamnishu who could not hold back his tears first expressed appreciation to everyone and the hospital who stood by Ada Jesus to the end as well as the philanthropist who dropped money for her treatment.

He continued by saying that everyone has flaws and people should not use mistakes to judge others like they did to Ada Jesus even after she pleaded on social media.

Harrison confirmed that the comedienne did not die of a spiritual attack despite the curses that were rained on her, but rather from her medical condition.

He revealed that she had been battling her kidney disease for a long time before he and his team intervened and took her for proper care.

Gwamnishu lastly said that Ada died knowing that she was surrounded by love, something she did not get in the church.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, Popular online doctor and Twitter influencer, Doctor Havey Olufunmilayo has taken to his page to react to the viral comments on social media about the death of Ada Jesus.

After the news of female comedian Ada Jesus’ death was announced, there have been series of mixed reactions and opinions from social media users. While some have accorded blame on the man of God, Prophet Odumeje, and veteran actress Rita Edochie for the death of the comedian.

It’s no news that before the death of Ada Jesus, she had issues with prophet Odumeje and the veteran actress where some curses went round after she accused the man of God of faking miracles.

However, Dr. Havey is of a different opinion about the ongoing brouhaha. According to him, Ada Jesus did not die as a result of a curse laid on her by prophet Odumeje but rather of kidney failure. According to him, many people fail to check their health condition and also fail to take care of themselves and end up destroying themselves.

In his post, he wrote, “A young 22year old comedian is dead. She sadly died of kidney failure. Medically proven. Guess what Nigerians are saying: “She was cursed” If curses were that potent; Nigerian policemen will all be dead, Politicians will all be dead; NEPA will have no staff… This is a shame.”

“Let me be honest with you: This deliberate embrace of dangerous ignorance and discard of actual medical facts is exactly the reason why we have many sick people in our dear country Nigeria. We live recklessly. We never do medical checkups. We eat like thieves. We never exercise.”

In a new tweet spotted on his page, he advised that people should take their physical health seriously by checking their Blood Pressure every 6 months, avoiding the addition of extra salt to foods, exercising 30 minutes every day, drinking at least 30 liters of water daily, avoiding unlicensed roadside herbs, going for a medical checkup every year, desist from smoking and cut down the alcohol.

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