A young lady dyed her 86 year old father’s hair and bought him fashionable clothes to make him look much more younger than his age (VIDEO)


A young lady identified on Instagram as @drea_knowsbest has warmed the hearts of many after making his 85-year-old father look much younger than his age.

In a video she shared on her page, @drea_knowsbest could be seen dyeing her father’s hair, saying she wanted to make him look 25.


Before dyeing the man’s hair, the young lady had bought some clothes the octogenarian would change into. When the lady finished dyeing her father’s hair, the latter got into the fashionable clothes that made him look like a young man.

He could be seen wearing a denim jacket on a white polo and black trousers that were marched with white sneakers.

Social media reacts

Nigerians soon flooded the comment section of the post to share their thoughts.

An Instagram user with the handle @obiaris said: “Hahahahaha!! I love it lol.”

@zayee_nab commented: “I love your dad.”

@cosette said: “no way he’s 85.”

@makayladid wrote: “He’s the cutest! I love him.”

Watch Video below:

Makeup transforms grandma into a gorgeous young woman

In other news, a video of a grandmother making up and transforming into a beautiful young woman has wowed many on social media.

In the video that was shared on Instagram by @arewafamilyweddings, the woman sat on a chair as a makeup artist performed “magic” with her face.

Sharing the video, @arewafamilyweddings said: “Y’all aren’t ready for this awesome beauty makeover transformation!”

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