7 Beautiful Women Adekunle Gold Loved Before Simi


“I’m not a player I just crush a lot.” This song perfectly embodies everything that Adekunle Gold was up until he got married to Simi.

The singer and professional photoshopper spent a huge amount of his time on the internet confessing his love to some popular female celebrities. He even went so far at some points to create photoshopped images where he put himself in the arms of his online lovers. ?

Adekunle Gold
Adekunle Gold

We’ve loved seeing and following Adekunle Gold’s crushing life on his Twitter, and although he has crushed on many many MANY people, I thought, why not just pick 7 to share with you today.

So, without further ado, here are 7 Beautiful women Adekunle Gold Liked Before Simi.

7. Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh
Tonto Dikeh

Adekunle Gold loved Tonto Dikeh. Don’t take my word for it, take his.

In fact, he loved her so much that he took time out of his day to photoshop a picture of he and Tonto sitting together intimately staring in the same location. If wishes were horses Kunle ?

6. Toolz


Another person that was a victim of one of Adekunle Gold’s photoshop fantasies was OAP Toolz. Unlike the other women on this list, he didn’t seem to really go crazy over her all over social media. But the fact that he took the time out to photoshop himself into her arms, that’s real love! ?

5. T-Boss


Tokunbo Idowu popularly known as T-Boss was one of the most outstanding and most talked about personalities to appear on the 2017 edition of the Big Brother Naija show.

It seems as though while all of Nigeria’s eyes were on the Big Brother contest as a whole, a certain man named Adekunle Gold had his eyes on only one person, and that person was T-Boss. I mean, this boy couldn’t stop professing his love for her.

Believe it or not, this is just a fraction of his tweets to T Boss. Boy was OBSESSED with T Boss! And the love extended out of Twitter. Oh yes, on his Instagram, he posted this on his story.

Talk about being crazy in love!

4. Waje


Another person that Adekunle Gold had the hots for that year was Nigerian singer, Waje. He posted all the way back in 2011:

7 years later and can you believe it? Kunle recorded a love song with Waje titled “Why” in 2018.

This life!

3. Adesua Etomi

Adesua Etomi
Adesua Etomi

Yup! Just like most Nigerians, Adekunle Gold too was dying for Adesua Etomi when she burst unto the scene. But that’s not when the legs developed. I think when Adesua took to Twitter to compliment one of Adekunle’s videos, that’s when his love started to grow. ?

She tweeted in 2015:

To which Kunle replied:

Simple enough. Then, Adesua responded again and she said:

And she didn’t know it then, but that was when the nuts came flying off in Kunle’s head. ? He responded:

And after that, it took OFF!

Until he snapped:

To which Adesua responded:

He pleaded with his followers to help him get the required number of retweets, but sadly that never came to be for Kunle.

Look at life! Now Adesua is married to Banky W and he is married to Simi…the way this life turns out! ?

2. Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage

It started with a simple confession:

And then it graduated:

And then he even started praying for her:

And then BOOM! She too was photoshopped into one of his fantasies!

Finally, in 2017, he got to meet her and of course he had to share the experience:

Wow! This life.

1. Mo Cheddah.

Mo Cheddah
Mo Cheddah

Okay, there is no explaining how MUCH Adekunle Gold loves Mo Cheddah. In fact, he loves Mo Cheddah so much so that even Mo Cheddah’s boyfriend got mad. Oh yes!

In an interview with EbonyLife TV, Adekunle said:

My celebrity crush is Mo’Cheddah. I have been crushing on her since 2012. I have always liked her style and I have always thought she was stylish. She is very cute.

Mo’Cheddah, I know you are hooked o but we can still negotiate. I really like you and I’m sure you know that. I’m sure you remember because I told you. Weird enough, I told her I was crushing on her when she was with her boyfriend and he was mad at me…. but trust me na things still dey go down in d DM.

And when you look at his Twitter, oh boy! This boy was in LOVE with Mo Cheddah!

Talk about an OBSESSION!

Funny enough, after all of this, Mo Cheddah never once replied to Kunle. Can you imagine?!

Simi and Adekunle Gold
Simi and Adekunle Gold

Take heart brother. At least at the end of the day, he got to end up with a real one and both he and Simi now have a baby together.