3 Parents who Gave Their Young Kids Outrageous Houses, Car Gifts for Their Birthdays in 2021 (Watch Video)


As the year 2022 draws closer, some kids would definitely look back on their last birthdays as ones never to be forgotten, thanks to their parents.

This is owing to the mind-boggling birthday presents these doting parents gave to the kids that many internet users argued were way bigger than their ages.

we  back at 3 stories reported in 2021 where parents broke the internet with the outrageous gifts they got for their young wards.

1. Mum who bought house for her 6-year-old son

A woman identified as Mercymaluli Maluli stirred massive reactions back in October 2021 when she gifted her 6-year-old son a house on the occasion of his birthday.

In an Instagram post, the businesswoman said it has always been the boy’s prayer to own a house of his own.

Well, his prayer was answered by his mum with the fine house gift that was decorated with colourful balloons.

2. Nigerian billionaire who gifted his young son a N45M Lexus whip

One birthday gift that drew massive condemnation was that of a Nigerian billionaire who got his son a N45 million Lexus car on his birthday.

The expensive whip was decorated with balloons and driven to the boy’s school in style.

A short video capturing the adorable moment showed how the lad was handed the key to the car. The school boy and his colleagues danced as they flocked the white car in excitement.

3. Father gifts his 13-year-old daughter a house

In a bid to see his kid live the life she wants without being burdened with debts, a man named Avee-Ashanti Shabazz got his 13-year-old daughter a house on her birthday.

In a Facebook post that went viral, the man is seen posing with the celebrant in front of the house gift.

The father urged all parents to do same for their kids in order to ensure their freedom.

HAPPY B'EARTHDAY AJALA SHABAZZToday I gifted my daughter with a house for her 13th B'earthday. This was not random, it…

Posted by Avee-Ashanti Shabazz on Saturday, July 4, 2020