3 Former #BBNaija Housemates who were Sentenced to Prison


Before Big Brother Naija contestants make their way into the Big Brother house, we as a nation are mostly not aware of them. We do not know them or the life that they lived prior to coming unto the show until we are told, they the contestants reveal it, or we find out about it.

On today’s list, we’ll be counting down 3 Big Brother contestants who have actually been in prison as well as the crimes they committed.

1. Teddy A

Teddy A
Teddy A

Big Brother Naija Season 3 contestant, Teddy A has quite the past when it comes to run-ins with the law. Teddy A has been booked not once, not twice, but three times by the police for different accounts.

His first offence happened on the 24th of September, 2013 and the mugshot publication information for that reads:

Tope Oladipo Adenibuyan was arrested on 24 Sep. 2013 in Tarrant County (Texas). He is currently 28 years old and was 25 at the time of the arrest. Tope Oadipo Adenibuyan was booked by TC SHERIFF OFFICE and the bond was set for $500.

The offence wasn’t listed on that one.

The second arrest information reads that he was charged for “poss and operate salvage motor vehicle” which basically means he was in possession of an operating a motor vehicle which the DMV had branded to be a salvage vehicle (i.e. a run-down vehicle or vehicle with major problems). The mugshot publication information reads:

Tope Adenibuyan was arrested on 01 Oct. 2013 in Dallas County (Texas). He is currently 28 years old and was 25 at the time of the arrest. His bond was set for $1000.

Finally, the third arrest happened on the 20th of September, 2014 where he was charged with bond forfeiture – poss and operate salvage motor vehicle, drove without headlights on when required, speeding, display expired tx license plate/registration, and fmfr.

His bond for this was set at $2,437.

2. Tolanibaj


While in America, Tolanibaj got arrested and went to jail at 21 years old for driving with a suspended license.

According to Tolanibaj, she had gotten a brand new car which begun to have problems only 2 days after purchasing it so she called campus security to come and help her jump-start the car. Upon their arrival, they asked to see Tolanibaj’s license and registration which she gave them confidently. Upon checking it out, the police told Tolanibaj that the license was actually suspended and so she couldn’t drive the car until she got it re-instated. But did Tolanibaj hear word? No, she didn’t.

Tolani has made no secret about this arrest and to hear more about the whole ordeal including what happened after she drove the car with a suspended license and her arrest that followed, then you can check out the video she posted unto her YouTube page which breaks down everything.

3. Idris Sultan

Before Big Brother Naija there was Big Brother Africa and the winner of the Big Brother Africa show in 2014, Idris Sultan, was arrested for allegedly bullying the President of Tanzania, John Magufuli after a video clip showed him laughing at an old photograph of President Magufuli, wearing an over-sized suit.