A picture shared by Mide martins on instagram has received some criticism. Sharing the picture on instagram, Mide Martins wrote: “Wake up to glowing skin!! Your imperfections are our daily concerns…”

Some of her fans has reacted to the picture. One of the fan identified as @ikpasa_christiana wrote: “You were black and beautiful, you don’t need all this”

The same fan also went further and wrote: “Can’t you just get a cream that can maintain your black skin?”

Furthermore, another fan of hers with the Instagram page identified as @sundayokumo threw an indirect insult at her by writing: “stop selling bleaching creams to our ladies, black is beautiful”

However, some fans dropped amazing comments as seen below

Mide Martins is an amazing Actress in the Nigerian Movie Industry. She has gained ground in the Yoruba Movie industry especially, why two of her fans threw this insult at her is still unclear. What do you feel? Feel free to share your view and repost on other social media of your choice.