The social media war between popular Yoruba actor, Yomi Fabiyi and popular anonymous Instagram blogger, Gist Lover is no longer news as both parties have been coming for each other of late.

The faceless blogger accused Yomi Fabiyi of being a deadbeat father and alleged that his ex-wife stopped him from seeing their children after their breakup. Gist Lover also went further to accuse Yomi of requesting for s3x from upcoming actresses before giving them roles. This didn’t go down well with the popular actor who took to his own Instagram page to blast the blogger and threaten to unmask the face(s) behind the account.

GIFT ADENE of Kemi Filani News reached out to Yomi Fabiyi via a telephone conversation to hear his own side of the story and get a confirmation or denial of the accusation.

Yomi however confirmed that his ex-wife denied him access to the child not because he was a deadbeat father but because they had issues they were yet to settle.

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On how the fight started

He said he was sent a message by someone on how the blog wrote a story about how Lola Alao allegedly maltreats Late Aisha’s children; he decided to call the blog out for such a story.

On his next action on Gist Lover

“The law must take its full course, the attention of the law must be drawn to it, the identity of the person(s) must be unveiled and they must pay for their crime.

On His Opinion about the proposed Social media bill

He said laws must be strengthened in Nigeria and the bill must take into practice that if people commit crime online, they should be tracked down and made to face the consequences.

On if his Ex-Wife prevented him from seeing their child

He started by saying it’s his personal life and people have no right over his personal life. He also said if his child wants to see him, when the time comes, he will see him.

Hear him: “If we are not in good times, and my child cannot use phone at that time, and you don’t want to talk to me so that I can talk to my child, don’t turn the story later and say I am a deadbeat father, I didn’t take care of my child because I am doing well, you did not allow me talk to my child because we were having issues”

On GistLover

“He/she is a misfit and doesn’t deserve to be in the society until he/she is in prison and corrected”