Actress Wumi Toriola, who recently gave birth to a wonderful child called Zion has finally addressed the rumors that she has parted ways with her husband.

Nollywood actress, Wumi Toriola, dedicated her son, Zion in church today, shares Photos

A few weekends ago, Wumi and her handsome husband, shut down Lagos for their baby’s dedication but not before she deleted all her husband’s pictures on her Instagram page.

The action sparked lots of speculation flittering here and there about the true situation of her marriage. Though, she doused the tension after she stepped out with her husband at their son’s naming, many still believed all is not well between the couple.

In this chat with Abiola Orisile, Wumi Toriola addresses the rumours, enjoy!

Wumi Toriola

What has changed about you since you gave birth?

Well, nothing has changed about me. The only thing that has changed is my timing. The timing has changed as I have to take care of my baby. I am still the Wumi Toriola you use to know. I am a better mother too.

How prepared are you for motherhood?

Well, I have always had this fear because many people made it look like it is not easy. Of course, it is mixed feelings. But after my experience with motherhood, I said if Wumi Toriola can actually give birth, every other person can also give birth.

How was the journey of 9 months like? And what is the journey like on the first day?

I didn’t even know I was pregnant until after a month. It was already 2 months gone before I found out. I also had a party which was Tawa Ajisefini’s wedding. I was at the wedding and you needed to see the kind of fun I had, the kind of drink I took and I never knew I was pregnant, until 2 months.

Wumi Toriola and husband

The feelings were good and great. I thank God my husband was around and he was so happy. I started showing the signs of pregnancy immediately.   I was spitting. He (my husband)  was so happy and I made it looked like Yoruba movie we use to watch.

What was your first push like and how long was it?

My first push took me about 2 days. My contraction was slow and it took me one and a half days to reach 4 centimeters and I had to go to 10 am. I thank God.

Was it a normal delivery?

Yes. It was a normal delivery.

What came to your mind when you saw your baby

I was just singing this particular song “Na Re Ke Le Mo”. Zion is more of a fulfillment. When I saw him I smiled, but I was not surprised. So I was like finally, I am doing this.

Wumi Toriola

Did you wait before having Zion?

No, I waited for only 6 months but people had started trolling. They were saying all sorts of things. They called me barren. They only made me develop a thick skin. I am a mother now. Their trolling doesn’t matter anymore. I have realised now that it doesn’t matter. Some wish they had what you have. Some of them are depressed and bored, but with the help of God, I’m happy. The sight of my son is making me happy already. I give glory to God.

When you heard about your marriage shake-up, what did you do?

I smiled because there was nothing like that. They know nothing about my

Your husband seems to be so private?

It is deliberate. I am a public figure. My husband is so private. The only thing I did was to delete all his pictures on my page and they took it like it was over between us.

Wumi Toriola

Why did you delete all his pictures?

This is because anytime my husband was around, they would zoom his pictures on my page and they asked “Oun Ni Oun Ko”. I was like okay, let me take his pictures off. I took it off before I gave birth to  Zion. It was deliberate.

What about the other woman, is there any woman?

No woman. Nobody can steal my husband. Deleting his pictures was not just the
reason for another woman.

Who is Wumi Toriola away from the screen?

I am a very spiritual person. Highly religious. I won’t want to say other things
because it is my weapon.

What are you working on?

Yes, I am working on my soap-opera that you will see every day on the screen.

What has sustained your marriage despite being a celeb?

My husband didn’t meet me as a celeb. He met me as Wumi Toriola.

Wumi Toriola

Where did he meet you?

He met me on screen and the rest is history.

How did he get in touch?

I don’t want to talk about that.

What has sustained your marriage?

It is determination and a conscious effort that people judge me by my character in movies and I don’t oppose it. My in-law knows the real Wumi and they are like “we know her”.