Why My 23-Year-Old Daughter, Rotimi Is Studying In The US – Lizzy Anjorin Opens up


In a recent interview recorded by Kemi Filani news, Lizzy Anjorin, who got married about four months ago revealed that her 23-year-old daughter is studying overseas and does not her out on her social media handles and it all part of keeping her private and family life away from the public.

Lizzy Anjorin
Lizzy Anjorin

She said,


“I have a man who is caring, loving. When you are hardworking, good men would want to be your friend. Some will also want to marry you.

Initially, I didn’t want to expose my husband but when some forces started making funny noise, I had to reveal his identity. I have always been uncomfortable with exposing my personal life on social media. If you observe my page on Instagram, I talk mainly about my businesses—clothingline, jewellery, properties, lands and now skincare.

Liz Anjorin

I am a very private person despite being a celebrity. I shield my life away from the media. My daughter, who is now 23-year-old doesn’t appear on my handles. She is currently studying in the United States and I’m sure not anyone will see her here or abroad and say, “That’s Liz Anjorin’s daughter.’

In another news, Recalls that 4 months ago, the successful entrepreneur tied the knot with her longtime lover and since then, she is yet to get pregnant.

Lizzy Anjorin and Husband
Lizzy Anjorin and Husband

According to Lizzy, she has been confronted by different people who wants to know if she is pregnant. The fashionista however denied the claims, adding that her husband has not been active in bed for a while now because of an accident that affected his manhood.

Lizzy further mentioned that the doctors advised that he should not stress his manhood for now, adding that there is a vacancy for any man who can take her husband’s position for now.

Lizzy Anjorin and Husband
Lizzy Anjorin and Husband

Although many believe the actress was being sarcastic but there is also a saying that says there is an element to truth in every rumor.

Watch her video below;

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