Tunde Ednut Finally Speaks Out Following Instagram Account Shutdown, reasons why his instagram account was removed revealed


It came as a shock to everyone when the news of Tunde Ednut’s Instagram account that had garnered millions of followers and was widely known as one of the biggest blogging Instagram pages in Nigeria was being shut down.


The Instagram account which serves as the bread and butter of Tunde Ednut who didn’t quite find success in music the way he had hoped and thus ventured into Instagram blogging grew in popularity and was praised by many but also criticized by a lot of people for being “negative”, and “toxic” at times.

Earlier the news hit the internet that the blogger’s Instagram page had been deactivated.

What Tunde Ednut’s page looks like now

Nigerians were quick to give their reactions.

Some of the reactions include:

Well, the blogger has been seeing all of the reactions and is now finally speaking out for the first time about his Instagram account being shutdown. This is what he has to say.

While nobody is quite sure yet about what exactly caused the Instagram account to be deleted, there are some speculations.

Officially, the reason that Instagram gave to the person who reported Tunde Ednut’s page reads:

We’ve removed tundeednut’s account because it goes against our Community Guidelines. Thank you for reporting this account. We’ve removed it from Instagram because it goes against our Community Guidelines. Reports like yours are an imporant part of making Instagram a safe and welcoming place for everyone.

So, evidently it was due to people’s reports that the page was taken down. People now believe that the people who were reporting the page to Instagram were fans of Big Brother contestants, Erica and Tacha.

Following the deactivation of his account, their celebrations were the loudest thus:

But now, it seems Tunde Ednut is telling a different story. It seems as though he believes this was a one person job and it seems as though he knows exactly who is to blame.

Taking to his Twitter page that has 131,000 followers – a far cry from his over 2 million on Instagram, Tunde Ednut wrote:

Do not betray someone who has always trusted and done good to you.


“It didn’t end there, the blogger continued to write saying:

I will definitely be back. ?

What happened is so sad, but I’m hopeful for the best outcome.

If you’re reading this, may all bad energy Zoom away from you.

People want to laugh at my downfall but baba GODeh dey my back.

Now that Tunde is pointing fingers at people, some people think that this has something perhaps to do with Joro Olumofin who earlier on in the year took legal action against the blogger and has very public beef with him.

Some eyes are also falling on Bobrisky – the Nigerian crossdressing sensation who also has beef with Tunde.

Evidently Tunde Ednut has a lot of enemies and what has happened to him is quite sad simply because it looks like he’s now out of a job. I do hope he finds a way to bounce back though and when or if he does get his page back, I do hope he uses it more kindly so as to not have this kind of thing repeat itself.

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