Throwback Video of Maryam Sanda and her late husband during their wedding reception – When the going was good, before she fatally stabbed him (VIDEO)


Yesterday, the media was sent into a frenzy after a court judgement was passed on Maryam Sanda, who fatally stabbed her Husband in 2017 after an argument. Maryam was sentenced to die by hanging.

Nigerians on social media, including celebrities have since reacted to the judgement, calling it tragic for both parties as two lives would be lost in what could have been very preventable.

Reports on social media also suggest that Maryam and her late husband were once a very happy couple and no one would have believed they had marital crisis.

Well, we retrieved a video via a Youtube channel, which corroborates the aforementioned sentence.

Here’s a throwback video of Maryam Sanda and her late husband, during their wedding reception.

Yesterday, Maryam was sentenced to death by hanging for killing her husband. read more below

Below are pictures showing people wailing and crying at a High Court in Abuja where Maryam Sanda was sentenced to death.

Maryam was sentenced by the court for stabbing her husband, Bilyaminu Bello, son of former National Chairman of the PDP.

Maryam stabbed her husband on November 17, 2019, after she found a text message on his phone which led to suspicion of infidelity.

She was arrested by police who stated that the action was premeditated and got her charged on two counts of murder.

As soon as the judgment was pronounced, Maryam fled the dock but was quickly caught by court officials.

After she was dragged back to the court, Maryam could be heard shouting and wailing saying  “Inna lilahi Inna roji hun”, as her family and lawyer try to console her. She was heard saying, “I was fasting and praying … Ya Allah, why?”.

See the pictures from the court premises when prison authorities came to whisk her away.

Watch Videos below