Taiwo Aromokun, a former popular actress, lover of actor Odunlade Adekola and single mum of twins who has been based abroad for years now has quit social media and also ensured that she has nothing to do with any of her colleagues.

Taiwo Aromokun and odunlade

Then, when she was into an active career in Nollywood, you would not see famous actor, Odunlade Adekola in any movies without seeing Taiwo Aromokun and as time went by, they started having an affair.

Though Odunlade didn’t say anything about the affair, Taiwo Aromokun on the other hand granted an interview to a national newspaper and declared that she and Odunlade were lovers!

Taiwo Aromokun

That was 2012 and Odunlade was still a ‘happily married man’ of two kids. Taiwo didn’t spare words in detailing what transpired in their relationship. She disclosed, “I am very blunt and God-fearing. I actually went out on a date with Odunlade Adekola. I will not deny it. But we are no longer dating each other. We are just friends now. In fact, we will remain just friends for the rest of our lives. We are still close,” she said in parts.

Taiwo Aromokun

On why they broke up, Taiwo revealed that, “We broke up for a personal reason. I wanted to move on with my life. Odun was married with two adorable sons and he was not ready to take a second wife. So there was no point in continuing the relationship. I would have married him if he had asked me. Despite the fact that we are no longer lovers, we still communicate with each other.”

Well, Taiwo moved on with her life after the interview, got married to a guy living in Holland, who claimed to be head-over-heels-in love with her. However, the marriage, which held in Lagos was short-lived.

Taiwo Aromokun and children

A bitter divorce ensued, the buxom actress turned a single parents and she was faced with taking care of her twin boys—Jade and Jasmine.

Now living abroad, she went off social media after her twin sister, Kehinde got married.

After Kehinde’s wedding, Taiwo went off social media. Though in 2018 she kept posting photos of her colleagues who were celebrating their birthdays, the last time she posted was in August 2018.

Taiwo Aromokun

Now she doesn’t even post anything about her colleagues, be it birthdays or events as she has completely disappeared from the scene.

Some say liife abroad could be really hard for a single mum and that’s the reason she has kept off social media.