Much has been said about handsome Nollywood actor, Odunlade Adekola and his steady rise to stardom. The talented actor has enchanted most of the Yoruba movies’ watching audience with his lively and convincing displays in front of the cameras.

The married role interpreter has also been linked romantically with many ladies including actresses he has worked with in the past and at present.

Here are five high profile ladies the father of three has been linked with

1. Taiwo Aromokun

Odunlade’s marriage to his wife, Ruth was threatened in 2011 when it was revealed that he was taking to bed, Taiwo Aromokun, an actress who was a trainee under him.

Taiwo Aromokun

Explaining why they broke up to Punch’s Nonye Ben Nwankwo, Taiwo said,

Taiwo who didn’t spare words in detailing what transpired in their relationship. She disclosed, “I am very blunt and God-fearing. I actually went out on a date with Odunlade Adekola. I will not deny it. But we are no longer dating each other. We are just friends now. In fact, we will remain just friends for the rest of our lives. We are still close,” she said in parts.

Taiwo Aromokun

On why they broke up, Taiwo revealed that, “We broke up for a personal reason. I wanted to move on with my life. Odun was married with two adorable sons and he was not ready to take a second wife. So there was no point in continuing the relationship. I would have married him if he had asked me. Despite the fact that we are no longer lovers, we still communicate with each other.”

Odunlade managed to handle the situation effectively. Well, Taiwo moved on with her life after the interview, got married to a guy living in Holland, who claimed to be head-over-heels-in love with her. However, the marriage, which held in Lagos was short-lived.

2. Ronke Odusanya

Ronke Odusanya

Though it was never admitted by either party, Flakky Ididowo as she is commonly called was intensely accused of enjoying a romantic affair with the actor at about the same time he was openly involved with Taiwo.

Ronke Odusanya

This led to a cold war between the actresses who didn’t see eye to eye. Odunlade has allegedly moved on from them since.

3. Eniola Taiwo Ajao

Eniola Alao

The actress has had to deny that it happened with Odunlade on more than occasion. She said all she has with the actor is only a good working relationship.

But inside sources insist that there was more to the two than they were ready to admit. But a wise man once said that there was no smoke without fire.

Eniola Alao

4&5) Kemi Afolabi And Tope Solaja

Both married actresses recently dominated the gossip mill when they reportedly engaged in a public spat because of their rivalry over Odunlade.

Tope Solaja

The furious actor resorted to chastising the ladies for making their business public so they could get traction with his name. “I was shocked and enraged when I read in the news that two married actresses were fighting dirty over me.

Kemi Afolabi

I don’t know why they would drag my name which I have spent years of hard work to build in the mud just like that,” he said in part.