She posted her boyfriend, he was cute, so I messaged and snatched him – Lady reveals how she got her new boyfriend


A lady identified on Twitter as Sharon Godwin has narrated that she got her boyfriend by snatching him from his then-girlfriend who posted him on social media.

According to Sharon, when she saw the man’s picture, he looked so nice that she decided to message him. They started talking and eventually, the gentleman dumped his girl for her.


Sharon Godwin took the opportunity to hilariously caution ladies who have been ‘advertising’ their lovers online to keep doing it as the ‘snatchers’ would also be winning the men’s hearts.

See Sharon’s entire narration in the tweet below:

The post caused a massive stir online as thousands of people reacted and poured out their views, praises, criticism and pieces of advice under the thread.

Warwegetha warned Sharon that if the boy was capable of leaving his girl for her, he could do the same to her.

According to M I C H U, Sharon would lose the man the same way she was able to win his heart:

Eja Osan chose to play smart and asked Sharon to share a photo of the man so she could check ‘something’. It is clear she wanted to serve Sharon a doze of her own medicine.

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