Over the years, thousands of people have been killed in gas explosions and many of these tragic event occurred either by a leak in the gas pipeline or violations of codes and standard governing the safe handling of Gas.

Below is the unfortunate event that occurred to a pregnant mum of two kids.

Her name was Evelyn Chinwendu Ejike (New Ogechukwu Osita)

Details of the unfortunate event is still sketchy, but it was alleged that the beautiful lady was burnt when the gas exploded while she was cooking and also pressing her phone.

The lady endured a 90 percent burns on her body and was said to have passed on at the clinic where she was hospitalised.

She was also pregnant with a seven months old baby, this is really devastating.

We need to be cautious while dealing with gas, we could put our phoned away from the gas while cooking.

This is really sad, our prayers are with the deceased family and friends.