Real reasons Iyabo Ojo, Biodun Okeowo, Mercy Aigbe are showing off their daughters on social media


For a while now, there have been tough competitions between three top Nollywood Yoruba actresses, Iyabo Ojo, Mercy Aigbe and Biodun Okeowo, showing off their teenage daughters at the slightest opportunity they have.

Iyabo ojo and Daughter Priscilla ojo
Iyabo ojo and Daughter Priscilla ojo

You might actually wonder at times the rational why this three actresses are displaying their daughters for all to see on their social media accounts especially Instagram.


Because, sometimes, the post doesn’t not have any good reason for them to post such. All you see attimes is the actresses involved in one dancing competition or another with their daughters.

Michelle gentry and mercy Aigbe
Mercy Aigbe and duaghter Michelle gentry

Most guilty is Iyabo Ojo, who never failed to give update about her daughter, Priscilla, almost all the time on her Instagram page and her daughter also keep posting about her daily life on her page.

Mercy Aigbe also keeps displaying how beautiful her daughter is while Biodun Okeowo, who does that less often than the two post about her daughter from time to time.

You might ask yourself what is wrong with one showing off her daughter on social media if she feels like or did anyone buy her data she’s using to post photos and videos of her daughter?

Biodun Okeowo and daughter Ifeoluwa
Biodun Okeowo and daughter Ifeoluwa

But there are deeper reasons than meet the eyes.

One of the reason why the actresses are posting about their daughters all the time is because they are looking for opportunities for them.

They are trying to connect them within the power circle in Nigeria and outside.

Mercy Aigbe Daughter Michelle Gentry
Mercy Aigbe Daughter Michelle Gentry

They are hoping for them through, the social media to meet with the children of the rich and the mighty in the society.

Have good boyfriends from rich homes. You know sons of senator, governor, top government official and those in the corporate sectors can get to see how beautiful they are and indicate interest in them.

Iyabo ojo's Daughter Priscilla ojo
Iyabo ojo’s Daughter Priscilla ojo

Another of the reasons is that they want their daughters to meets with the children of the rich either male or female so that they can have a solid friends circle.

Biodun Okeowo's daughter Ifeoluwa
Biodun Okeowo’s daughter Ifeoluwa

It’s also because of business opportunities that you see them posting daily about their daughters. They could get endorsement opportunities for their daughters.

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