Veteran Nigerian entertainer, Ruggedman, who is known for taking on the subject of police brutality on social media in the fast few years, recently posted a worrisome video on his Twitter page.

According to the rapper, what is evident in the video is how operatives of the Special Anti-Robber Squad (SARS) have once again brought tears and suffering to a Nigerian family.

In the video shared by the rapper, a distressed father could be seen tightly holding on to another man who is an alleged SARS operative. It was gathered that the officer had allegedly killed the son of the man.

The heartbroken father could be heard wailing and recounting how his son had only been at his place just the night before and mentioned how he wants to go and check on his mum.

Onlookers also joined the man to keep the alleged officer from breaking free from the tight grasp of the aggrieved dad.

Sharing the post, Ruggedman called on Nigerians and stressed the importance of finding a way to curb police brutality.

See the post below:

Some of his followers were seen in the comment section with mixed reactions.

“It’s getting worse every day.. And it’s as if it’s they are getting more equipped more and more. Because they don’t care, they act like they don’t have families. The best thing is for them to scrap this SARS thing and we have just police,” one follower tweeted.

Read what other shad to say below: