Nollywood actor, Adeniyi Johnson is not having a good time on social media presently after he was attacked by angry Nigerians for encouraging people to leave the country and relocate else where.

Niyi Johnson had posted an advert for people to patronize some travelling agencies, few hours after the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari disappointed Nigerians with his nationwide speech on the 22nd of October.

The advert obviously did not go well with people and they decided to express their thoughts in his comment section.

According to Nigerians, Niyi Johnson is a celebrity and should not mislead the people by advising them to leave their country. Some mentioned that considering the role the actor played by leading #EndSars protest few days ago.

Read some reactions from Nigerians below;

@damilolabanire wrote “Why are you people truly advertising travelling at this crucial period! This sure isn’t the time for such sacarsm, our people are treated even more unfairly aboard. If we stay together we will WIN together, it’s a time to encourage people not to give up. What ever country you are travelling to, a lot of people laid down their lives to make it what it is. You have fought well by protesting peaceful it’s time to regroup and re-strategise. There is power in numbers not an empty house.”

@zeenod3rd wrote “Japa is not the solution bro, thats part of the mistake the previous generation made, its not that i dont have the opportunity to japa, my passport is intact, but thats not the solution”

@seunyeko wrote “@adeniyijohnson could you please justify the reason you led that protest if you will be intimidated by the following actions. I strongly believe you should not be the one providing Japa as an alternative sir. It make me doubt the reason why some of you people showed up at protest grounds. I guess it was simply to follow the bandwagon or fulfill righteousness. I stand to be corrected. I’m only a man.”

@nurebeauties wrote “You fuckup with this post”

@tobmangoldie wrote “Nobody is going anywhere? We must all stay back and fix these mess”

@goldencaramel01 wrote “This post is so unnecessary- the 12 minutes advert displayed yesterday shouldn’t change our zeal.”