Below is the narration of how a man experienced a miracle after carrying a bullet that was lodged in his head after an attack by unknown gunmen.

After hospitals did all they could to remove the bullet without success, the man came across his miraculous experience while walking along the spot where he got shot.

A Facebook user shared:

“He was shot on the head by unknown gunmen closed to his resident at Alamieseigha Road Opolo, yenagoa #Bayelsa #State last year and was rushed to FMC and latter transferred to NDU teaching Hospital for a professional handling.

“Every effort to get the bullet out of his head became abortive. The medical surgeons promised to conduct a surgery on him after woods are properly healed, due to the complexity of the area affected.

God with his infinite mercy conducted a surgery on him at the early hours on sunday 2nd of Feb 2020, while on his way out to visit a friend.

“The wonders of all is that; getting to the point where he was shot by those guys, he felt like something on his throat and tried to throw up. Behold, the dangerous bullet that was to make him undergo surgery later, came out through his mouth”.