A Nigerian man shockingly slumped and died on the very morning of his wedding day!

The shocking event threw his family and friends into shock – not to talk of the bride.

Samuel Yarling was supposed to get married today to his sweetheart Helen. Everything was in place for the wedding when he shockingly slumped over and died.

He was in the act of getting ready for the event when he died.

The reason for this shocking death is not yet clear but for a young and vibrant man to just pass away in that manner is more than shocking!

Needless to say his wife is inconsolable and family and friends are in shock.

Pre-wedding photos of Samuel Yarling, the groom who slumped and died on his wedding day have surfaced online.

See photos below ;

The deceased’s friend took to facebook to eulogize the late groom and it was really a sad one.

His post reads ;

Samuel Yarling was my colleague while at the Airtel Customer Care Centre. He was a jovial jolly good fellow.
We kept in touch even after ‘retiring’ from the call center we chatted and often joked about life and marriage.
Recently his pre-wedding pictures sprung up and i was super happy for him. I teased him and we laughed after which i wished him well.