Yesterday, we reported that actress and single mum of two purchased a brand new Benz SUV worth millions as an early valentine gift for herself.

With this, the curvy actress whose shape announces her even when she is not speaking about herself joined the league of female actors in the movie industry who spend lavishly despite cries that the movie industry doesn’t pay the bills.

Of course, the action has garnered mixed reactions from her fans on social media with many being curious of the source of her income while others chose to pray for the male actors in the movie industry who seem to be always broke unlike the female actors.

A Popular Instagram user, ‘Everything Food’ wrote ” Congratulations…. May God Remember The Male Actors Too❤️”

Biodun Okeowo

One Kemi wrote “Na only actresses dey the industry? Please I want to be an actress”

While one Jesse wrote ” All the females in NOLLYWOOD ARE DOING WELL. We need to start vigil for the Nollywood actors too so that they too can make it like their female counterparts. Just like it’s only acting that the females are using to get the latest houses and rides may it happen to the men too o “

A lydia J. wrote ” Won’t she give credit to the person who bought it? Women are making waves! Powerful actress! “

Biodun Okeowo

In Biodun Okeowo’s defense, one Domingo Loso wrote ” Congratulate and move on, i know say some people don dey reason to talk something. Just pray to God to enter the right place at the right time, and meet the right people 👀 “