A Nigerian soldier has advised his colleagues on the ongoing nationwide protests in the country.

The soldier who masked up his face, advised his fellow soldiers to avoid being used by the government to stop the ongoing protests in the country.

According to the unknown soldier, civilians are fighting for them, so they should not be fooled.

My advise goes to every fellow soldier, you guys should not be fooled, don’t be used, we are the youths, the fight these civilians are fighting is our fight. Don’t let them use us. ” he said.

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In another news, Days after Nollywood actress, Lilian Afegbai defended her mother, Caroline Afegbai, a video of Caroline opening up to killing a 22 year old student in 2013 has hit the net.

We earlier reported that the Script interpreter took to Instagram to defend her mother after she was dragged for reportedly shooting a student thrice on the back.

Caroline Afegbai is a retired policewoman, who was the DPO of a police station in Benin.

In the video that recently surfaced on social media, Mrs Caroline narrated how they were attacked in the night by a popular junction. According to her, the incident happened on the night at 11 pm. She disclosed that the now deceased Momodu was shot by her after he tried to attack her and her colleague during an operation.

This confession came days after days after her daughter, Lilian Afegbai denied her mother killed anyone while serving with the Nigerian police force.

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