A Nigerian man has cried out for help on social media on how he can reverse the curse placed on him from his ex-girlfriends.

The man whose identity is yet to known confessed he was a playboy and revealed that he has broken the hearts of 500 girls.

He wrote,

“Please, I need help.

I used to be a playboy, doing it for fun not knowing the consequences of my actions.

I have had countless heart broken, over 500 ladies. Promised and failed and disappointed many women although I never promised anyone marriage but always tricked them with a lovely relationship.

Now everything in my life seems backwards. Some girls have threatened to curse me in the past.

Now no money to even buy soap unlike before where I make over 700k monthly.

How can I set myself free and move forward in life?”

Meanwhile, A married man has gotten himself into trouble with one of his side chics identified as Lucy who has threatened to inform his wife about their relationship.

In a leaked screenshot shared by an Instagram Blogger, the man was seen threatening to quit his relationship with his side chic after he complained about her obsession for kerewa. He complained that the side chic demands for sex every 15 minutes which has become a heavy load for him.