Lil Frosh shares screenshots of his WhatsApp chat with his ex-girlfriend, Gift to proof that he did not beat her that it was boil/Allergy that showed on her face – Read the conversation (Screenshots)


Earlier today, we made the report of young singer, Lil Frosh refuting the claims by his ex-girlfriend, Gift Camille (thacutegemini) of him assaulting her to the extent that she was left with bruises and a swollen face.

Lil Frosh
Lil Frosh

Few weeks ago, Camille’s manager shared photos of her swollen face and accused the upcoming singer of constantly beating up his girlfriend to a pulp.


In a recent interview, Lil Frosh speaking about the whole DV saga, revealed that he didn’t do it and claimed he was speaking the truth.

Lil Frosh’s girlfriend, Gift (thacutegeminme)
Lil Frosh’s girlfriend, Gift (thacutegeminme)

According to him, she had a boil at the back of her ear due to an allergic reaction, and it kept growing bigger, which eventually caused the swelling on her face.

He claimed he loves her very much and cannot lay a finger on her. Watch video here

Reacting to his claims, the IG model wrote on her page,

“Narcissists and lies 5 and 6. I’m really disgusted.”

Lil Frosh’s girlfriend, Gift (thacutegeminme)
Lil Frosh’s girlfriend, Gift (thacutegeminme)

She also attached a quote which reads;

“Not today, not this week, maybe not even this year, but one day, your mask will fall and they will see the monster I had to face alone. They will know that I wasn’t lying. There really was a demon behind that angelic face. They will know”.

This prompted the singer to take to his IG page to share screenshots of the chat he had with Camille prior to her allegations and to back up his claim that the reason why she had a swollen face was because she had allergic reactions.

Sharing what occurred between them, Lil Frosh shared that when she was having the allergic reactions, she questioned him whether or not he’d done something spiritual to her. The screenshot of the chats he had with Camille isn’t however sequential as some conversations seems to have been cropped out with the singer sharing only the ones he feels everyone should see.

Lil Frosh
Lil Frosh

Alongside the screenshots, he gave the caption,

I know it took me so long to come out but here’s my own side of the story on how it all started. kindly take your time by going through this conversation between I and Iyomaterie okeoghene Taiwo Gift (thacutegemini) one after the other continues on my next post.
At a point she even asked if I did anything spiritual to her in our chat….
When I saw the update online about me beating her up to stupor, then I ask her i know you wanna trend is this true? She replied “I want to trend and am begging her to delete the post”

Here’s the screenshots below,

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