The multi-talented actress, Iyabo Ojo is one of the most successful and highly celebrated superstars in the entertainment industry. She is not just the regular actress, as she features both in English and Yoruba movies and also popularly known as the Tiktok Queen because of her exceptional videos, which has earned her lots of mouth watery endorsement deals both home and abroad.

Besides all these successes, many love Iyabo Ojo both in and outside the movie industry due to her humble nature and the way she has touched and impacted people’s lives positively.

Iyabo Ojo
Iyabo Ojo

City People’s Senior Showbiz Reporter, BIODUN ALAO was a guest at her just-concluded house warming party where she talked about how she was able to put up her beautiful mansion together in one mouth.

The house standout, talk more of the decor and fittings which was done by her new company “Fespris decor”.

From the living room to the kitchen to the bedrooms were all fully furnished and the lightings and fittings were out of this world.

Iyabo ojo's House
Iyabo Ojo’s House

She also took time to explain what has made her remain relevant in the industry, the roles her kids play in her life. Below are the excerpts.

How long did it take you to put this mansion together?

It took me just a month, a month of morning, afternoon and night of hard work, I had to take out time from business and acting to put this together, it is not all about buying the house but also renovating to my taste, it is a new house but I had to put a lot of things in place to my taste, from fittings to decor and every other necessary thing.

What would you say has kept you relevant in the industry till date?

I think the drive to do more, God has kept me and brought me this far, also the drive to always do me has gone long way to help as well. I try to do things that just make me happy and things that is profitable enough to take care of my children.

My children are my greatest strength and my weakness as well, so knowing I want the very best for them and also have other children I take care of has kept me going, so all that has kept me this far.

Iyabo Ojo
Iyabo Ojo

How do you feel being rated as one of the most successful actresses in the industry?

Really!!! Laughs!!! Honestly, I feel so honoured, but the fact still remains that I don’t measure success by wealth, I measure success by the amount of people I have impacted positively into their lives, so if you are talking about that aspect I would say yes, God has indeed really blessed me.

Many described you as a very humble, respectful, down to earth actress despite her success, how does that make you feel?

I am honoured and humbled, I strongly believe we didn’t come with anything on this earth, all these are vanity and when we die, we won’t be going with anything as well, so, why can’t we be humble and treat people equally, it is the good that you have done and the lives you have impacted that people will remember you for, take, for example, this house warming party, when I started planning it, a few of my friends and goddaughter were like, “you won’t be spending much doing this, majority of the things you see here were contributed by my goddaughters and friends that we have come a long way together, so when you do good to people surely goodness will come to you.

Lately, lots of people have come to realise that Iyabo Ojo is not the regular actress but multi-talented

Honestly, I am very grateful for everything and it is God’s doing, whatever you are doing in life, always endeavours to do it well and when God has blessed you with then use it well. So, I am indeed grateful to God for blessing me with so much talent, I myself didn’t know I will take tiktok to that level, I am a perfectionist and whatever I want to do, I want to do it well and I just felt oh tiktok is fun, so why don’t I bring my creativity into tiktok and make it very interesting when I started it initially, it was stressful and people kept asking if tiktok was paying me but I always tell people not to look at the negative aspects but the positive of it, many still say, oh you made my day with that beautiful video, you made me smile, I was sad today, you tiktok video changed it for me and made me laugh, all that made me happy, so trying to make people happy opened a lot of doors for me because I have been given a lot of endorsement deals and more are still coming, more jobs are still coming too, so in a bid of making people happy, God opened a lot of doors for me, so it is a blessing and this also is a part of it and I am super grateful.

Iyabo Ojo
Iyabo Ojo

Your tiktok videos are always perfect, how do you cope with shooting like 5 videos daily?

It is very stressful but lke I earlier said you need to do things right especially when you are a perfectionist, you need to take your time and do things right and God gives energy, wisdom, knowledge and all you need is just to understand it and make better use of it. It is not easy at all but once you put your mind into it, you will achieve it.

How have you been able to maintain this flawless and ageless look?

Laughs!!! That is why they call me Lysexy, laughs!!! Who wants to grow old, even my mother doesn’t want to grow old. I tell people, we will eventually grow old, when it is time to grow old, we would, there is nothing we can do about it, even to get up from the chair, we need to take it easy, so we will age with time, there is no need to rush it, I am definitely going to still get old, so why rush it so for now, let me live my life and enjoy my youth, at least, I am still youthful and it is important to have the right spirit and mindset, I always want to be happy, love and beauty come from inside of you, not from the outside, even when you are angry or stress, deep down in your soul, you need to be happy and that works a lot and also take good care of your skin.

It is very important, drink a lot of water the older you get, the more attention you put into your skin before I don’t pay a lot of attention to my skin, but now, I pay more attention to my skin, I am conscious of what I eat, what I drink and the TikTok also helped because I started doing lots of exercises and it works so perfectly for me and I noticed it gave me a lot of energy.

Iyabo Ojo with Daughter, Priscilla Ojo and son, Festus
Iyabo Ojo with Daughter, Priscilla Ojo and son, Festus

How do you feel with the fact that your kids are already celebrities on their own?

When I rise and shine, I shine with my kids, they are the reason why I am seated here today, they are the reasons why I am motivated to do what I do because when I brought them into this world with the kind of situation I was back then, it was not palatable but I told myself, this is on me, not on them, so, I promised to give them the best and train them to be the very best and to achieve that, wasn’t that easy, I had to start when they were still very little, I started teaching them how to respect, how to be humble because lots of mothers these days don’t teach their kids humility making them feel, they are god over everybody, that is very bad, everybody eats from the same plate and sit on the same chair in my house.

It is necessary to teach them not to ever look down on anybody, teach them love and above all, teach them the act of making money so that they won’t go and sell off all you have suffered to acquire in life, it is important they learn how to make money, my kids have been doing business and earn their own money, I hardly even give them money any more since they make their own money.

Iyabo Ojo
Iyabo Ojo

You look so beautiful, how long did it take you to dress up for this special occasion?

Haa, today, usually I don’t spend time but today, it took me hours to get dressed it is a special day and I need to look special.

Was there anything you did differently today?

Nothing per se, I just told myself I need to be in high spirit because lots of people are coming to celebrate with me.