Change is the only constant thing in life. However, it is a very daunting process. Most times, people prefer to stay on the same spot even if it does not favour them due to fear that the next step might not be better.

However, some people have taken the leap of fate and have been grateful that they did.

When a child is born, he or she is given a name and this is what they are called for the rest of their lives, except they decide to change it. A name also sort of represents acknowledging fresh starts.

Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, started her own new beginning which she symbolised by changing her name three years ago. Her last name used to be Aimakhu.

Presently in the entertainment industry, Toyin is one of the much-loved actresses and her fans even call themselves the Toyin Titans.

However, this was not the case a few years ago. Toyin used to be a celebrity that was trailed by controversies. Her marriage at the time with another actor was under serious scrutiny until it ended. She also once dated another actor who was later arrested for theft.

Despite that, she forged ahead and tried to revamp her image, starting with the name change from Aimakhu to Abraham.

Toyin Abraham
Toyin Abraham

Well, things appear to be so much better for the film star and she took to her Instagram page to acknowledge her blessings.

Toyin said that it has only been three years since she changed her last name and that it has been one massive journey of transition and faithfulness of God.

She wrote: “There was a Toyin Aimakhu then Toyin Abraham happened three years ago. Let’s not forget the ”new” Toyin is just three years ago. It has been one massive journey of change and faithfulness of God. What a journey!

Living my life at my pace and being at peace with my pace.”

See her post below:

Very impressive.