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“I was confused, I couldn’t Explain” – Regina Daniels Shares Her Experience As A Young Bride, Mother, reveals how her husband, Ned knew she was pregnant before she did, her mum reactions when she told her she is expecting a baby (VIDEO)


Pregnancy is a very joyous gift bestowed on many women and a number of them take the news in different ways.

For first time mothers, the news of pregnancy might be accompanied with nervousness and disbelief. That appeared to be the case with young Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels.

Regina Daniel and Husband, Ned
Regina Daniel and Husband, Ned

In a new video that was shared on her YouTube channel, Regina revealed how she felt after confirming that she was pregnant.

Regina said that she was confused and that she could not explain the feeling after discovering she was with child.

The film star said that her billionaire husband, Ned Nwoko, already made comments about how he felt she was already pregnant even when she was still in doubt.

pregnant Regina Daniels
pregnant Regina Daniels

Speaking on the matter, Ned Nwoko said that he was excited about the news of the pregnancy even though his wife was pregnant. He also admitted that he told her at some point that she was pregnant but she did not believe him. Ned continued that he told his wife that he has a sixth sense that makes him know when a woman is pregnant.

Regina said that she went to about four different hospitals to confirm her status and that they all came back positive.

Further in the video, Regina shared the moment she revealed the good news to her mother. Her mother was obviously excited and expressed how proud she was of her baby girl.

See the video below: