Social media is a place where many people feel free to post things about themselves, including really personal things that strangers have no business knowing.

It is not strange to see Twitter users sharing their love stories on their microblogging site so that others will rejoice with them and celebrate their union.

Well, a young lady seems to have gotten more reactions than she bargained for after she shared a thread on her union and how her man married her despite all the times she cheated on him and him not being her kind of guy.

Lady thanks husband for marrying her despite her cheating and him not being her type

The lady identified as @freshsubomi on Twitter, attempted to praise her husband on social media for his sterling qualities after almost two years of their marriage.

According to her, marrying her husband, Onimisi, is the best decision she has ever made. Explaining further, Subomi said that her man stayed with her even when it was obvious that she was cheating on him with another irresponsible guy.

Subomi said Onimisi does not drink, party, keep friends or smoke and that he does not have broad shoulders or fashion sense but he is handsome, calm, God fearing, hardworking and amazing.

The young lady praised her man further by saying he is the kind of husband any woman prays for. Subomi obviously meant all these to be an endearing message.

See a screenshot of her tweets below:

However, the numerous reactions to her post on social media led to her deactivating her page.

Twitter user bashed the lady for revealing so much about their union as they took it to mean disrespect.

See some reactions below:

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