Royalty, they say comes with a lot of conditions…. on the ongoing marital issue between Queen Ola and Iku baba yeye – Alafin of Oyo. Here is the opinion of a notable traditionslist on royal divorce.

Elebuibon said that there are appropriate traditional cleansing process the queen must undergo for her to urge married again.

He said: “The wife of the Oba are getting to be asked to consult Ifa and Ifa will give directions on how she goes to form the specified atonement for her cleansing.

“In Yoruba tradition, a woman who has been married to a king cannot lay with the opposite man albeit the marriage breaks up.

“But when the right atonements are made, there won’t be problem.”

Elebuibon said the queen must undergo the cleansing along side her new husband to be, adding: “Both of them got to participate within the atonement procedures so as that they won’t have any future problem.

“Any marriage she would be going into must not be elaborate.

“They should go distant and avoid any flamboyant wedding.”

On the sort of problems which an Oba’s ex-wife might encounter if she refused to undergo the traditional cleansing rites, Elebuibon said: “For the woman , she won’t really have a haul apart from any man who sleeps with a queen or marries an ex-queen without the suitable cleansing, the person may die prematurely, he could even be struck with sickness or there might be retrogression in his life.”