Famous Traditional healer Sekuru Banda has defended the late Ginimbi fiercely saying he didn’t ‘sell his days to any cult to become rich”.

Recall that the famous Zimbabwean socialite passed away in a ghastly accident together with other three persons about a week ago. There have been several tentative reports which popped up after his demise about his involvement in the cults and other absurd ways.

According to Banda, death is inevitable and there is no one on this earth who has the authority to stop it. He said;

“Everyone has his or her time to die and I would like to dismiss that Ginimbi sold his days so that he would die rich.

“Kana nguva yakwana yaMwari yekufa unongofa, no one out there anonzi anotengesa makore or madays ekuti afe, there is nothing like that. People are saying a lot but of course people can know when they are about to die.


“We don’t choose death, God’s time inenge yakwana, no one can decide time where one will die.

“No one can stop death, I am surprised with these prophets who are saying they knew when Ginimbi was dying. Death is God’s secret, not these lies.

“No prophet can stop death, but even in the bible Abraham, Solomon died, so death has no selection,”

Taking about Mimi, Moana’s religion, he said;

“We as Moslems we believe that we were created by God and everyone was created by God.


“There is culture and religion, Moana was a Chewa and her parents are Moslems but she refused to be part of her family’s belief and started doing her own way of living.

“It means that we expect that she will not be buried the Moslem way, where prayers are done. But from what I heard, she was no longer practicing Moslem because if they are going to follow the actual tradition, she will not be put in a coffin.

“It’s the right of the living to bury the dead.

“People should not fight at funerals, they should find better ways of solving conflicts”

Friends of Ginimbi slammed all allegations that he was involved in cults and rituals saying the deceased was a hardworking man who was run his own businesses.

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