A very sad story of a protestant who got shot by a SARS officer and cut off one of his legs just two months after his white wedding.

The story has hit many protestants and gingered them to protest more against the brutal killings and tortures by the Nigerian police

According to the protestants, all the pains he goes through after his wedding is as a result of SARS officer who puts him through it

He continued that, all pictures and evidence to prove his allegations are available for anyone who wants to help seek justice. Watch Video below

In another news, Protestors of Lekki toll gate together with Netizens were left teary when a lady recounted the ordeal Chijioke ILoanya and his parents faced in the hands of former SARS chief, James Nwafor.

While the protestors held a candle night in honour of the departed souls, a lady mounted the stage to tell the brutal death of Chijioke lLoanya, a young boy who was seized by the now-defunct SARS officers after returning from an event.

According to her, his parents found him at the SARS headquarters where the then Chief Officer, John Nwafor made outrageous demands before releasing the boy to his parents. As his demands could not be met by the parents, Mr. James Nwafor told them in the face he had shot him dead and they can’t do anything to him.

She added that the father was made to search through a river where SARS dumps the body of people they kill.